Thursday, 2 May 2013

Engraving - Remind Your Mum That You Love Her Everyday - Review

Mums are incredible people. 

I am a firm believer in the fact that you can tell your Mum that you love her every day of the year; you don't really need a special day to tell her that she is special to you.

It is nice to show her how much you appreciate all that she does. Mum’s just love it when you notice the time and love that they give unconditionally and in abundance.

The good thing about mums is that you don’t need to give her a huge, expensive gift. I think I can speak for all mums when I say that it is the gifts from the heart that count. It is those special gifts that show that you are thinking about them and love them dearly.

Gifts like the hand-made cards from the grand kids; a bunch of her favourite flowers; a small trinket that she can treasure forever.

One great idea is a beautiful key ring engraved with an extra special message just for her.

Mister Minit have some gorgeous ones, and they are very talented at engraving!

They are special and unique, but don’t cost too much. I think this is something that a mum would love and be proud to show off. It is something that lasts forever. It is a great way to remind your mum that you love her every day of the year. Every time she looks at it she will know that she is loved and how much she means to you.

Mister Minit have five very handy tips for better engraving.

  1. Select a sentiment that will be as timeless as the love and appreciation it represents.
  2. Print clearly and double check spelling and spacing for clarity when filling out the engraving order sheet.
  3. Allow extra time for the engraving process in case of delays.
  4. Opt for photo engraving for something really different.
  5. Choose an item to engrave that has a smooth and clean surface.

At the moment Mister Minit are offering an $8.00 special on engraving for any keyring that is purchased in the store. But please be quick.

For your closest store location and engraving ideas please visit


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