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Hairy Lemon Recovery Pack - Give Away!

Disclaimer:  I have been given a Hairy Lemon Recovery Pack to Review
I have not been paid for this post, and all opinions are 100% my own.

Are you the same as me?  Not enough time in the day to get everything done. When you are a mum or a dad, running a household, organising kids, working hard to provide for your family or saving madly for a home or a holiday, then we are always on the go. At the end of the day you feel tired and just a bit wrecked.

But as we all know there is no time to slow down, kids must be cared for, and bills must be paid. Rushing madly through the day, sometimes you can hit a brick wall, usually around 3.00pm. We need a boost to get us past the 3 o’clock-it-is. Something that gives us an instant energy hit so that we can get over that bump and continue to do what has to be done.

Hairy Lemon

Hairy Lemon is packed with ingredients that can give you the lift that you need (Please see box below). It raises your energy levels, gives you increased stamina and endurance. Aids the recovery process and improves your mental alertness. I need all of those things to get me through the day. It can also help with nervous tension and stress; two big things that can sap us of our energy.

Hairy Lemon is gluten- and lactose-free, and contains no artificial colours.

You simply dissolve one or two tablets in a cool glass of water and drink.

It is very easy to drink. Sometimes when I have a drink of plain water I find it hard to finish, but this was yummy and went down very quickly. I could feel the benefits almost immediately.

Hairy Lemon is available at selected pharmacies and Woolworths nationally in three pack sizes:

10 Effervescent Tablets – perfect for your purse or glove box ; $6.95
20 Effervescent Tablets– for the bathroom, kitchen or office ; $9.95
40 Effervescent Tablets – at home value pack ; $14.95

When your get up and go has got up and went
When you feel like your last speck of energy is spent
When you need to recover and kick start your engine
Then you know what to do, grab a Hairy Lemon
                                                          By Melanie :-)

Hairy Lemon, Giveaway

~ ~ ~ ~ G i v e a w a y ~ ~ ~ ~

The lovely people at Hairy Lemon have allowed me to Giveaway two of their Hairy Lemon Recovery Packs. These are just awesome.

Each pack is valued at $50 and it contains:
  • 40 Effervescent Tablets
  • Bottle of Water
  • Hairy Lemon Ear Phones
  • Hairy Lemon Lip Balm
  • Hairy Lemon Sunglasses.
  • Cool Black Bag to carry it all in.

All you have to do is leave a comment and let me know:

What Do You Do To Give Yourself an Energy Boost during the Day?

Competition is available to Australia only.

I will pick the winner based on originality, skill and inventiveness.

Competition will run until the 29th May, 2013 at 10pm

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

See Hairy Lemon at www.hairylemon.com.au and like the facebook page at www.facebook.com/hairlemonpickup.

Remember to Always Read The Label and Use Only As Directed.

All the best!


Hairy Lemon


  1. chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate...not overly good for me..but damn it's good and makes me feel better!

  2. I get up from the computer and put some washing on, or bring the washing in, or unpack the dishwasher....the thrill of working from home! LOL

  3. I like a smooth strong cup of coffee. The type that would put any normal person in a head spin or make them feel so exhilarated they thought they had just come off a roller coaster! Well my coffee experience doesn't take me on a ride, I take it on my roller coaster ride of life and there is no room for DECAF passengers!!
    Like a roller coaster I start of slow in the morning, regular coffee intake helps me rise up and over the highs and climb out of the lows of the day very quickly. You could say it was my engine fuel!!! This is mostly how I function during the week but weekends are a different story!
    I guess you could say I use coffee as a stimulant during the week but on weekends it is for relaxing and enjoying what life has to offer. Rather like a ferris wheel I guess. On weekends I like to sit at the top and watch the world buzz around at the bottom. It all looks so insignificant from up here!
    So as you can see I have a serious coffee addiction, I need it, I want it, I love it!! It's my stimulant and relaxant and yet I sleep like a baby at night. That part has always puzzled me!!

  4. In the mornings to pick me up I have a second coffee, in the afternoons, I might have a piece of chocolate or go for a run! If I eat right and sleep enough I tend not to feel so tired, but that formula seems impossible with children.

  5. Iced cold water, gives me an energy boost!

    This hairy lemon stuff sounds awesome. Not only do I need to get over this hump (Wednesday) day, I need to get over this cold and sore throat, looks like I am getting myself some tomorrow!

  6. I make sure that when I am at work I go for a walk at lunch, getting out of the office gives me a massive energy boost, and I also often have a small can of baked beans to give myself a bit of a boost!!!


  7. I make myself a cup of strong tea and make a phone call to my sister for 10 minutes and have a little chit-chat and little bitching about people we know and it really gives me a energy boost during the day.

  8. I make a cup of strong tea and make a phone call to my sister for about 10 minutes and we have a little chit chat and bitching about people we know and it really gives me a energy boost during the day.

  9. I am shockin' for heading for the bickie barrel. But funnily enough sometimes going for a walk is a great energy booster, and I always feel better after, even if it is pushing one in the pram, with my 3 yr old riding her bike.

    Fantastic giveaway Melanie :)

  10. I go outside and have some time in the sun and fresh air. Fresh air can do wonders!

  11. I go outside in the sunshine and fresh air. Fresh air can do wonders for your energy levels!

  12. Earl Grey tea in my 'proper' Royal Albert tea cup and saucer set, with a buttery bicky on the side!

  13. A couple of trips up and down the back stairs with music pumping gets my energy back to the normal level and going for the rest of the day.

  14. A nice strong Cuppa usually does the trick :-)

    saekae at bigpond dot net dot au

  15. Strong cup of coffee and if that doesn't work, definitely a glass of Hairy Lemon!

  16. A slap in the face does the trick!


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