Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Second Hand Toys - A Less Expensive Option

We all know that children can have short attention spans at times. There are a lot of things in their busy, little lives that can distract them. They flit about from one thing to the next.

Buy them a new toy that is the latest craze and they play with it for a few weeks and then lose interest in it. You find it under their bed or out in the rain or at the bottom of their cupboard. Do you find that happens to you too?

If they are very young bubs or toddlers then sometimes they completely overlook the nice, expensive toy you just bought them and are having loads more fun with the box it came in.

What are your feelings about buying second hand toys as a cheaper alternative for your children?

Is it something that you do already, or have done in the past?

Have you ever checked out the online shopping sites for second hand toys and games for your kids?

We all know about eBay and Gumtree, but here are some sites that some of you may not be familiar with.


For Australians by Australians. This site is 100% free to buy and sell your stuff. Last count there was just over 18,000 toys and games for kids listed. It is quick and easy to sell and they are committed to making your trading experience safer, more affordable and quicker. If you are looking for LEGO, educational toys, character toys, hobbies, collectable card games, bean bag toys, action figures, outdoor toys, pretend play toys, puzzles, games, wooden toys, then this is the place to have a look! Well worth a visit.


Designed to be convenient, easy and hassle free to use. Parents in particular are time-poor and don’t necessarily have time to go searching through unrelated items to find what they’re looking for. It focuses solely on parents and recognises that they can have spare rooms and garages full of children’s things that their kids have grown out of, some in near new condition. Great for buying and selling.

Pass It On Mum

Second hand shopping site mainly for baby goods. It includes toys, books, clothes, furniture and a lot of other baby items. Pass It On Mum is about literally passing the things you hold dear to your heart on to another mum so that they can have the same experience you once had.


The prices of new toys seem to be going up and up really fast and to have another option to buy less expensive toys and games is a good option to have. I hope that it can help.

All the best.


Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Prosperity - A Free Budget to Take Control of Your Finances

Do you find it hard to stick to a budget? Is it all a bit hard to manage? Do you wonder where your money is going each week?

Would you like a bit more money to do the things that you would like to do, like go on a holiday or buy a new car?

Myprosperity is an easier way to manage your finances. It is an Australian site that is free, clever, secure and simple to use.

It has a quick and secure sign up process. It uses the same encryption codes as the banks.

Take control of your finances, instead of the other way around. Myprosperity gives you a definite plan, so you know where you are heading with your budget. Set yourself achievable financial goals and have the satisfaction of reaching them and moving on to the next goal.

This service securely links your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, shares, property, car finances and super fund accounts all in one place. This makes managing your bills, your spending and your savings so much easier.

This nifty little program automatically puts your spending into different categories. It is easy to see at a glance, how you are going with your financial plan. It lets you understand in real time what is happening with your money, how much you’re spending on groceries, petrol or eating out.

Through Myprosperity you can also get a free online valuation of your house or car. It’s a free service. As I am renting, I didn’t need the house valuation. But I had a play around with it and entered the address of my property. It found all the older pictures of my house and garden, they were very interesting.

I found this program to be very clever, and I was surprised just how much correct information it entered in all by itself, just by linking to my bank account. I did have to change a few of the categories it had put items in. But after I fixed up a few little things it was great.

It was easy, and I didn’t have a lot to do, which was surprising and so different to a lot of other budget programs I have tried.

I definitely recommend Myprosperity. It is quite a bit of fun and very worthwhile for those that need a free, easy to use, but secure and clever budget program.


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Batter Up! Baseball is a Great Sport For Kids

Last Saturday, we took the rookies and spent a fun morning at the ball park, where there were plenty of fly balls, bloops, bunts, dingers, and whiffs. All baseball terms. Hehe! We all had such an awesome time. There were a lot of laughs and the kids enjoyed it a lot.

We went to the Mt Gravatt Eagles Baseball Club, at their wonderful new Sports Complex.

Baseball is definitely a great sport to consider when thinking of sporting clubs for your children.
  • It is non contact
  • For boys and girls
  • Strongly anti bully
  • Everyone gets a turn
  • Learn catching, throwing, and hitting
  • It is nationally supported
  • Learn tactics, strategy and decision making skills
  • Fantastic opportunities to progress
  • As well as the obvious benefits of getting fit.

Baseball Queensland would like to raise awareness of this fantastic sport, and the many great attributes is has to offer.

My kids, who are all absolute beginners in Baseball, picked up the basics in no time. Gareth, was the very patient, kind and absolutely awesome coach for the kiddos. They started off with some baseball progression training by kicking a soccer ball to begin with, then moving up to a tennis racquet and then to a T-Ball stand with a soft baseball bat. There were shrieks of laughter from my kids, as they darted about.  


My 3 year old Josh was joining in too, and he was so cute! He hit the ball and then went running off in the opposite direction, making everyone giggle. But he did an amazing job, considering he is so young. Everyone thought he did really well.


Then they moved on to some skill training. Things like rolling a ball down their back and catching it. All to help improve their coordination and reflexes.

We stopped for lunch and to keep our American theme going, we all had a hotdog with mustard.

The kids all got a goody bag to take home with them. It included a Brisbane Bandits t-shirt, team cap, buff and other cool stuff and some all-American Swizzle sticks!

Josh has a lot of growing room in his top.


My kids loved it so very, very much, and keep talking about it. I think we may have to look into sign up days for our local club.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mt Gravatt Eagles Baseball Club and Baseball Queensland for such an enjoyable morning.

Please check out your local Baseball club. Sign Up days for the 2013/14 Baseball season are coming up very soon. Click on the link to find a club near you, if you are in Queensland. If you don't live in Queensland, click on 
http://www.baseball.org.au/ to find a club.

Have a look at this wonderful competition for Baseball Queensland on facebook at the moment. Five people will win their fees, a coaching session and all their equipment! You can enter here.

All the best.


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Dettol Revitalise with Raspberry and Pomegranate (Giveaway)

I remember when I was very young, mum running me a bath, the water always seemed to be scoldingly hot. But what I remember most is the smell. That smell of Dettol that permeated the whole bathroom.

All it takes is a whiff of that familiar Dettol clean, fresh antiseptic smell, and I am transported right back to that bathtub.

These days I always seem to have Dettol in my cupboard. But now there are so many more Dettol products to choose from. To keep your family clean and free from germs personal hygiene is important. There are products like Instant Hand Sanitizers, soap bars, Touch of Foam Hand Wash, Healthy Touch Liquid Hand Wash, No Touch Hand Wash System, Wound Wash Spray and much more.

A new product is Dettol anti-bacterial hand wash. Hand hygiene is vital. Simply washing your hands with soap is considered one of the best ways stop the spread of germs and helps to keep your family healthy. 

When to wash your hands
  • Before handling food or eating
  • Before preparing a baby's meal or handling sterilised equipment
  • Before applying contact lenses
  • Immediately after handling raw foods, such as poultry
  • After visiting the toilet or changing a nappy
  • After touching animals or their toys or equipment
  • After contact with blood or body fluids (like vomit, nasal secretions, saliva)
  • After touching a contaminated area (e.g., trash can, cleaning cloth, drain, soil)
  • Before and after dressing a wound or giving medicine
  • More often when someone in your home is sick
  • Whenever hands look dirty.

You may have seen Delight with Honey and Apricot or Replenish with Shea Butter and Rose Water.

Now there is an anti-bacterial hand wash called Revitalise with Raspberry and Pomegranate. I have been given one to share with my lovely readers.

Please just leave me a comment on this post.

Let me know your contact details, so that I can let you know if you are the winner. 

I will use Random.org to choose a winner on

Monday 29 July, 2013 at 10pm

Then you have 3 days to get in touch, and I will send your gift on to you.

Only available in Australia.

All the best.


Monday, 15 July 2013

Cold Power Sensitive Touch Giveaway and Review

Disclosure:   This is a sponsored post for Cold Power and Digital Parents Collective. Cold Power Sensitive Touch provided complimentary samples for this post, however the opinions and content expressed are completely my own.

Cold Power Washing

One of my earliest memories is my mum using Cold Power in our brand new Automatic washing machine! I loved the smell. Everything came out so fresh and clean. Even as a little girl seeing all those clean and bright clothes filling the washing line and flapping in the breeze, was a lovely site.

Cold Power has a brand new product called Cold Power Sensitive touch. This has a new hypoallergenic formula and is dermatologically tested.  This formula is gentle on your skin and free from perfumes. This ensures that your skin remains free from any irritation, even for those with sensitive skin. Find out some great tips and other info at Wash Smarter.

Cold Power Sensitive Touch

Eczema Association Bee

As you can see it has this cute little bee on the front, which means that it is a proud sponsor and partner of the Eczema Association of Australasia. You can be sure that it will be kind to the most sensitive of skin.

It is simply a matter of putting the recommended dose into your washing machine and letting it get to work. It provides a thorough clean, without any complicated routines.

It works best in cold water, which is a bonus, as it saves you energy and cost. 80% of the energy consumed by your washing machine during warm water washing is used to heat the water. With a minimum of fuss it provides you with outstanding results.

Cold Power Sensitive Touch

It is available in powder and liquid forms, top loader and front loader. The RRP is $14.99 for a huge 2 Litre bottle or 2 kilogram packet and is available in supermarkets all over Australia. It is so easy to use. Clothes come out smelling fresh and clean, and the results are wonderful.

Shiny Happy Children!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The lovely people at Cold Power are giving away two packs of Cold Power Sensitive touch Laundry Detergent to two of my readers

Please leave a comment on this post and let me know

Why does your family need some Cold Power Sensitive touch detergent?

I will pick a winner based on originality
Judges decision is final

Competition only available in Australia

Competition will run until Monday 22nd July, 2013 at 10pm

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All the best!


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Kompan Sky Walk at Calamvale District Park

We have just survived two weeks of school holidays here in Queensland. My kids had so much fun. We all enjoy the holidays a lot.

My kids were very lucky to be invited to be featured in a brand new video for Kompan Australia.

I was asked to ‘bring my kids down and set them loose in the park’, while they filmed them doing what kids do so well – playing!

I thought that having fun, is something that they are all experts in. They love playgrounds and don’t need a lot of encouragement to get out there and enjoy themselves to the full.

We went to Calamvale District Park.  It is located between Formby and Ormskirk Streets in Calamvale, Queensland. This has the Kompan Sky Walk. An absolutely amazing apparatus, with rope bridges, four sky cabins, a huge spider web of ropes and a slide. My kids are still talking about this wonderful slide. The Skywalk is 8 metres above the ground!

It also has a circular bank of five swings. Your children can perform synchronised swinging with their friends. Swings are so much fun when you are a kid.

This is the incredible finished video. Please enjoy!

Now of course my children want to go back again, which we will do very soon. For now they just keep watching the video over and over again!

Thanks Kompan for making four little ones very happy!


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Positive Messages of Hope

I know a few friends at the moment who are feeling a bit down. 

I would love to share a few quotes, and I hope you find them as uplifting as I did.

Positive Hope

Positive Hope

Positive Hope

Positive Hope

Positive Hope

Positive Hope

Positive Hope

Positive Hope

Positive Hope

Positive Hope

We all need hope. It helps us to look at the big picture; evens out a rocky road; and allows us to keep going.

All the best.


Monday, 1 July 2013

I've Got An Ow! - A Health Journal For Children {Review and Giveaway}

There have been times I admit, that I am searching around on my desk for a scrap of paper that I have written an appointment time on for one of the kids at the doctor. Occasionally, I have been known to phone the doctor again and ask what time the appointment is! Have you ever done that?  

I have been given a very special little book called - I've Got An Ow, from Messpots. They provide fun and practical stuff, for kids' health and wellbeing. Please have a look at their gorgeous website. They do ship internationally!

It is a handy A5 size booklet. Just perfect to pop into your bag. Ring bound so that it opens flat and makes jotting down notes so much easier.

It is a health journal for children. But so much more.

The goal of this little journal is to help give you some peace of mind by enabling you to have relevant information at your fingertips and assist in monitoring your child’s health. No more of those “ummm...” moments at the doctors!

It is designed for you to record the onset of ailments, development of conditions, details of injuries, the action taken and the medical treatment received. It isn’t meant to be a full history of your child’s physical and mental development. It is there to help you gain a better overview and understanding of your child’s health.

Writing down details like symptoms, surrounding circumstances, medical history, timelines for medical or dental assistance, can prove to be invaluable. Looking back at your child’s ailments can help you find out the causes to some problems; the possible triggers for things like allergies or asthma.

When you are travelling around to different doctors and specialists, to have a quick reference record to go to with all the information at your fingertips, is so useful.

And of course when you have more than one child, things can get a bit complicated. So this is where this journal comes into its own, as a wonderful resource for parents and carers.

Filling out the record you can of course use your own words, your own style of writing. Simply make notes of your child’s symptoms and what is going on as you observe them.

I have been given a journal to review as part of this giveaway and it is already proving invaluable to me. Miss 8 has to go to the doctor tomorrow; I have entered all of the dental appointments and referrals for Miss 10 in the past and in the future. A reminder that Master 3 needs his immunisations in 6 months; I love it so much! No more searching around for scraps of paper for me.

The lovely Monique Smart from Messpots is the creator of this lovely journal and is very generously giving away two (2) of her books to my readers.

Please fill in the Rafflecopter giveaway below to have a chance to win.

Giveaway open to Australia only.

Giveaway will run from now until Wednesday 10 July, 2013 at 12 am.

All the best!


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