Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Batter Up! Baseball is a Great Sport For Kids

Last Saturday, we took the rookies and spent a fun morning at the ball park, where there were plenty of fly balls, bloops, bunts, dingers, and whiffs. All baseball terms. Hehe! We all had such an awesome time. There were a lot of laughs and the kids enjoyed it a lot.

We went to the Mt Gravatt Eagles Baseball Club, at their wonderful new Sports Complex.

Baseball is definitely a great sport to consider when thinking of sporting clubs for your children.
  • It is non contact
  • For boys and girls
  • Strongly anti bully
  • Everyone gets a turn
  • Learn catching, throwing, and hitting
  • It is nationally supported
  • Learn tactics, strategy and decision making skills
  • Fantastic opportunities to progress
  • As well as the obvious benefits of getting fit.

Baseball Queensland would like to raise awareness of this fantastic sport, and the many great attributes is has to offer.

My kids, who are all absolute beginners in Baseball, picked up the basics in no time. Gareth, was the very patient, kind and absolutely awesome coach for the kiddos. They started off with some baseball progression training by kicking a soccer ball to begin with, then moving up to a tennis racquet and then to a T-Ball stand with a soft baseball bat. There were shrieks of laughter from my kids, as they darted about.  


My 3 year old Josh was joining in too, and he was so cute! He hit the ball and then went running off in the opposite direction, making everyone giggle. But he did an amazing job, considering he is so young. Everyone thought he did really well.


Then they moved on to some skill training. Things like rolling a ball down their back and catching it. All to help improve their coordination and reflexes.

We stopped for lunch and to keep our American theme going, we all had a hotdog with mustard.

The kids all got a goody bag to take home with them. It included a Brisbane Bandits t-shirt, team cap, buff and other cool stuff and some all-American Swizzle sticks!

Josh has a lot of growing room in his top.


My kids loved it so very, very much, and keep talking about it. I think we may have to look into sign up days for our local club.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mt Gravatt Eagles Baseball Club and Baseball Queensland for such an enjoyable morning.

Please check out your local Baseball club. Sign Up days for the 2013/14 Baseball season are coming up very soon. Click on the link to find a club near you, if you are in Queensland. If you don't live in Queensland, click on 
http://www.baseball.org.au/ to find a club.

Have a look at this wonderful competition for Baseball Queensland on facebook at the moment. Five people will win their fees, a coaching session and all their equipment! You can enter here.

All the best.



  1. Thank you for coming!! It was wonderful watching your children's happy faces running around the diamond. Rachel xx

  2. Looks like you all had a great time. Love the pics

  3. Oh, I would have loved to have met you if I came to the Saturday function. I took my family to the Sunday one at Hendra and we had a ball.


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