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Cold Power Sensitive Touch Giveaway and Review

Disclosure:   This is a sponsored post for Cold Power and Digital Parents Collective. Cold Power Sensitive Touch provided complimentary samples for this post, however the opinions and content expressed are completely my own.

Cold Power Washing

One of my earliest memories is my mum using Cold Power in our brand new Automatic washing machine! I loved the smell. Everything came out so fresh and clean. Even as a little girl seeing all those clean and bright clothes filling the washing line and flapping in the breeze, was a lovely site.

Cold Power has a brand new product called Cold Power Sensitive touch. This has a new hypoallergenic formula and is dermatologically tested.  This formula is gentle on your skin and free from perfumes. This ensures that your skin remains free from any irritation, even for those with sensitive skin. Find out some great tips and other info at Wash Smarter.

Cold Power Sensitive Touch

Eczema Association Bee

As you can see it has this cute little bee on the front, which means that it is a proud sponsor and partner of the Eczema Association of Australasia. You can be sure that it will be kind to the most sensitive of skin.

It is simply a matter of putting the recommended dose into your washing machine and letting it get to work. It provides a thorough clean, without any complicated routines.

It works best in cold water, which is a bonus, as it saves you energy and cost. 80% of the energy consumed by your washing machine during warm water washing is used to heat the water. With a minimum of fuss it provides you with outstanding results.

Cold Power Sensitive Touch

It is available in powder and liquid forms, top loader and front loader. The RRP is $14.99 for a huge 2 Litre bottle or 2 kilogram packet and is available in supermarkets all over Australia. It is so easy to use. Clothes come out smelling fresh and clean, and the results are wonderful.

Shiny Happy Children!

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The lovely people at Cold Power are giving away two packs of Cold Power Sensitive touch Laundry Detergent to two of my readers

Please leave a comment on this post and let me know

Why does your family need some Cold Power Sensitive touch detergent?

I will pick a winner based on originality
Judges decision is final

Competition only available in Australia

Competition will run until Monday 22nd July, 2013 at 10pm

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  1. I like to use sensitive washing detergent on my children's clothes we have a new baby girl so I like know it will be gentle on her delicate precious skin. Would love to try out the Cold Power Sensitive detergent in my front loader to lower our energy costs.

  2. With three kids aged seven and under
    The laundry's a nightmare, is it any wonder?
    There's uniforms, pj's, undies and jeans
    In hues of blacks, greys, orange and greens!
    When one round is over, another begins
    My washing machine must be dizzy, oh how she spins!
    It's a never-ending cycle, worse in winter of course
    Without a dryer, they need to dry on the horse.
    As you can tell, my laundry's over-flowing
    And I imagine it'll get worse as the kids continue growing!!

  3. Times are tight and I'm using the cheap $2 laundry detergent from discount stores and chemists. I know it doesn't clean as well as the quality brands like Cold Power but it does the job. I'd like the luxury of a quality brand again for a while and I'll see what a difference it makes.

  4. I have a couple of sensitive souls at my place who suffer the constant bombardment of stimuli from inferior washing detergents. Please help their
    sensitive souls to be reincarnated with a dose of COLD POWER SENSITIVE TOUCH.

  5. Cold water - go Cold Power

    Sensitive touch - go Cold Power

    Fresh and Clean - go Cold Power

    Great results - go Cold Power.

    (Great products deserve a cheer squad.)


  6. We only use cold water on the farm and I have two mini dirt magnets plus a mud and cow poop magnet hubby. Im the sensitive one :)who gets her hands dirty and needs soft touch.

  7. Hubby has multiple chemical sensitivity & son gets really bad excema, so bad he's been hospitalised for intensive wet dressings. They both need sensitive skin washing detergent .

  8. We are trying to save money, and my husband has been making his own washing powder which is crap! I would love to win some of this fabulous, liquid gold, so I can wash with the good stuff without upsetting him!


  9. Have you ever been so incredibly itchy for days and days, not knowing why. Every moment your mind tells you "Scratch, scratch, scratch!". You don't know what is going on, you aren't usually allergic to anything . . . and then you remember, you washed the sheets in that cheap off brand powder and now your body looks like that of a freshly plucked chicken.
    This is why I use sensitive products, and this is why I would love to try Cold Power Sensitive Touch Laundry Powder.

  10. I am in the process of trying to discover what sets my sons eczema off. I would love to try Cold Power Sensitive Touch to determine if the washing powder is the root cause. I think it may well be good for my own washing as sometimes I am just, well, sensitive :)
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  11. I have a son who suffers with ezcema (takes after his mumma with the sensitive skin), so this would be fantastic to use for him! Also, my new washing machine would love to use Cold's sleek and shiny, doesn't sound like a jet plane taking off like the old one did, and it actually spins out the clothes, I'm in love!

  12. Best of luck with the giveaway...So glad this sensitive washing detergent is available for families suffering from allergies & skin complaints x

  13. My husband is the sensitive one in this house. We haven't tried this and it would be worth trying. #TUST

  14. I need to try this as for the past month my husband and I have been itching!! We can't work out what the problem is....maybe it's our washing powder?

  15. Two littlies and myself have sensitive skin.
    Itches and rashes, I never can win!
    Cold Power Sensitive Touch could be just the thing,
    to be gentle on us, while keeping our clothes clean!

  16. I like smelling as fresh as a rose, without a skin achoo.

  17. We currently use a different sensitive product,this would be a great chance to try something different without the cost.

  18. We are trying to save money for our upcoming wedding and with electricity price so high these days :(, being able to effectively wash our clothes with cold water would make a big difference in our budget.

  19. Both of my kids have sensitive skin and i struggle to keep their clothes clean with regular detergent which are not kind on skin - I definitely need Cold Power Sensitive Touch for them.

  20. With 11 here in our family,
    It sure means lots of washing for me,
    I have to do at least 3 loads a day,
    To keep our giant Mt Washmore at bay,
    As you can imagine I don't have much time,
    So Cold Power Sensitive Touch would suit me just fine,
    Easy to use- just pour it in,
    And soon there is clean clothes within,
    Best in cold water, great when money is tight,
    Saving electricity which is more than alright,
    Gentle enough for even my newborn son,
    Yet getting out the stains caused by outside fun,
    Yes this Cold Power prize is much needed by us,
    With its amazing cleaning help Mt Washmore I can bust!


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