Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Second Hand Toys - A Less Expensive Option

We all know that children can have short attention spans at times. There are a lot of things in their busy, little lives that can distract them. They flit about from one thing to the next.

Buy them a new toy that is the latest craze and they play with it for a few weeks and then lose interest in it. You find it under their bed or out in the rain or at the bottom of their cupboard. Do you find that happens to you too?

If they are very young bubs or toddlers then sometimes they completely overlook the nice, expensive toy you just bought them and are having loads more fun with the box it came in.

What are your feelings about buying second hand toys as a cheaper alternative for your children?

Is it something that you do already, or have done in the past?

Have you ever checked out the online shopping sites for second hand toys and games for your kids?

We all know about eBay and Gumtree, but here are some sites that some of you may not be familiar with.


For Australians by Australians. This site is 100% free to buy and sell your stuff. Last count there was just over 18,000 toys and games for kids listed. It is quick and easy to sell and they are committed to making your trading experience safer, more affordable and quicker. If you are looking for LEGO, educational toys, character toys, hobbies, collectable card games, bean bag toys, action figures, outdoor toys, pretend play toys, puzzles, games, wooden toys, then this is the place to have a look! Well worth a visit.


Designed to be convenient, easy and hassle free to use. Parents in particular are time-poor and don’t necessarily have time to go searching through unrelated items to find what they’re looking for. It focuses solely on parents and recognises that they can have spare rooms and garages full of children’s things that their kids have grown out of, some in near new condition. Great for buying and selling.

Pass It On Mum

Second hand shopping site mainly for baby goods. It includes toys, books, clothes, furniture and a lot of other baby items. Pass It On Mum is about literally passing the things you hold dear to your heart on to another mum so that they can have the same experience you once had.


The prices of new toys seem to be going up and up really fast and to have another option to buy less expensive toys and games is a good option to have. I hope that it can help.

All the best.



  1. Thanks Melanie, will check those sites out, love second hand as just like you my kids have it either broken in the first day or lose interest in the first week.

  2. Second hand toys are also better for the environment- one of the reasons I love them :)

  3. I'm a big believe in second hand toys, esp now No.3 has come along, in fact we don't buy toys anymore, I figure we have enough, and they should spend more time with what we have, just in different ways. Great suggestions though Mel :)


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