Wednesday, 21 August 2013

School Photo Day Fun

This morning, for two of my tribe, Master 5 and Miss 8 it was School Photo day. That means that I have to ask them about six times in the morning to get dressed and find clean socks and wash their faces. They are usually pretty good, but on school photo day, they seem to have lead weights in their shoes.

Of course, I had to stop at the petrol station on the way to get the correct change in the little strange envelope. This makes us later than ever. I end up stressed to the max and start snapping at them, while they look at me with a slightly ashamed, but I would say more amused look on their faces. I know I should be better organised about things. That is the story of my life though.

Added to this is the fact, that one of the strange little photo envelopes is completely lost. I spent all evening searching around for Master 5s envelope. It was nowhere to be found. But then I found on their website that the school office has spare copies. So all good. Big sigh of relief.

I asked Angus to get his jumper on, after breakfast, when I was brushing his hair, then when I was putting lunches in bags, and also when I was getting some palm cards organised for a project that Miss 8 has today as well. Then when we were heading out the door, I noticed that he still didn't have his jumper on! I rushed back in the house and found it, flung it at him and at last we were off.

It was cold this morning. Yes, I know it isn't really cold, but for Brisbane is was cold.

Finally made it to school and had to park in the far away car park, which I hate. Because fast walking and 'rushing' in any sense of the word is not something that Master 3 does. It has been known for him to take 15 minutes to get back to the car from the classroom. Why he takes that long is another story entirely. I herded the kids into school, kissed the girls goodbye and organised another envelope for Angus.

All organised at last. Get back to the car and of course Miss 8 has left her project sitting on the seat. Arggh! Ok, all good, take it up to the classroom and back to the car again. 

Now all organised.

Miss 10s photos are tomorrow. Much easier.

How is school photo day in your house? Is it absolute bedlam like my morning? 

Do you remember your school photos? Do you still have them?



  1. I have all my photos K-11. Year 12 I threw out because I didn't like it. Mum was not too pleased!

  2. Oh, the joy of school photos! My mum bought all the classroom photos which is so fabulous seeing I went to 13 different schools! I still can't remember anyone, but so glad that I've got them. The individual portraits are the bomb. I love this one! x

  3. Oh I do love that first photo!

    Photo day isn't so bad (only one at school) but I find it a real waste! Can only buy packs and really I don't need 8 photos of the same shot...

  4. I LOVE my old (black and white) school photos... we didn't get them done every year though and I sometimes think it's daft for my kids to have them from each year. I totally forgot about them this year so the twins went off looking like the usual dog's dinner... yet to get the pix!


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