Saturday, 28 September 2013

Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures From The National Museum in Kabul

Amazing Afghanistan was known as the crossroads between Asian and Europe. People travelled through Afghanistan bringing with them materials, designs, techniques and beliefs from other parts of the world. The National Museum in Kabul once housed artifacts from far away cultures such as Chinese, Greek, Roman, Indian, and Egyptian. All the splendour and treasures from the Silk Road passed through this city and in time found their way to the museum. The history and artifacts it held were truly astounding. But unfortunately when the Taliban took over the government in Afghanistan these priceless treasures were thought to be destroyed and lost forever.

But amazingly in the brand new Afghanistan after the Taliban, some incredible discoveries were made. In 1989 some very brave Museum staff risked their lives and hid the treasures away. Thought to be lost forever, these treasures were kept secret for 15 years. When the Taliban fell, these treasures could be revealed and come out into the light of day again. These brave people protected history for future generations to enjoy and marvel at. These incredible things provide facts and evidence about the ancient peoples that lived thousands of years ago.

At the Queensland Museum at the moment is a real treat for history buffs, treasure lovers and families alike.

Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul is a once in a lifetime chance to see some of these priceless treasures from long ago.

We took our four children to the exhibition to see this wonderful piece of history. I wasn’t sure how they would all go and if they would enjoy it. But thanks to a few activities planned by the staff, the kids had a ball. My 10 and 9 years old probably more so, but the boys had fun too. I would recommend it for families.

When we went in the kids were given a crown to wear. Now this cardboard version is a copy of an incredible crown that you can see inside the exhibition. The Tillya Tepe crown was once worn by a princess. It is designed to be taken apart and folded flat to be packed while travelling. It is so ornate and just amazing to see. My two girls wore their crowns all afternoon, even on the train home. Very cute!

The kids were also given a Treasure Map and a pencil. On their travels around the exhibition they could mark off on their Hidden Treasures brochure when they found certain items and artifacts. It also had other activities. It kept them interested and occupied the whole time.

The treasures were amazingly beautiful. Just walking around looking at this snapshot from the past is incredible. There are over 230 priceless items on display. Dating from between 2200 BC and AD 200. The extraordinary beauty of this collection rivals the tombs of Egypt.

The motto of the National Museum of Afghanistan is “A nation stays alive when its culture stays alive”.

It is well worth seeing while it is here. Grab the chance while you can. 

Go to to see lots more information or to book tickets.


Sunday, 22 September 2013

What Does A Mum Want When Shopping For Children's Clothes?

When it comes to clothes for her children and making sure that everyone in the family looks presentable and cared for, what does a Mum want?

Well, speaking personally this mum wants clothes that are good value for money. Clothes that are inexpensive, but last at least for the season, hopefully longer. Clothes that are functional and comfortable but look good on.

When it comes to buying clothes I want convenience. I have four children and dragging them all around the clothes shops is not something that appeals much to me.

For busy mums with lots of kids you can’t beat online shopping for children’s clothes.

We all lead such hectic lives. It is nice to relax and do your shopping when the kids are in bed. There are no queues, and you can shop around for a good bargain without using up precious petrol, no waiting in traffic or travel time. Save on leg work too. You can shop when you want to, with a coffee by your side!

Online kid’s clothes store What A Mum Wants is excellent value for money. They have free shipping Australia wide. Some items have free gift wrapping too.

Their extensive range includes baby and kids clothing, skin care, bedding, hospital packs, toys, bath items, gift packs, plus lots more.

They also have a great range of organic products.

You can even shop by outfit, with just a few clicks, if you are strapped for time.

The little boy and little girls clothes are just gorgeous! They are unique and high quality items, that are stylish and funky. And you can get hand-made or hand printed as well as organic clothing.

Their promise is that all items offered will be of high quality, new and forever changing.

What a Mum Wants is one of many lovely little online shops that are definitely worth having a browse around.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Throw a Minecraft Themed Party

When it comes to organising a young childrens’ party, do you choose the Fairy Princess party for the girls or a Pirate party for the boys? Choice is sometimes a little limited.

Well now there is something very cool and different. If your kids are that little bit older and into the Minecraft sensation. Then this is something that you should see.

This is a party theme with a difference, and all that is required is a good colour printer.

Minecraft A Welcoming Hearth

My good friends at have very kindly offered my readers a completely free Minecraft Party Kit!

Minecraft is called a giant sandbox game. Building and creating is what it's all about. My kids just love exploring and designing in their awesome three dimensional worlds.

Are your kids into Minecraft? As I am typing I have my 10 and 9 year old girls and my 5 year old boy all playing Minecraft. Scary but true!

Each Minecraft party kit contains these printable templates:

  • Minecraft Party Hats and Treat Bags
  • Minecraft Signs
  • Minecraft Games and Puzzles
  • Exclusive access to Minecraft specials.


You can download your Minecraft Party Kit here:

Cool Things is an Aussie online shop filled with cool gadgets and toys. Started by Peter Harback and his wife Anne-Maree, they search out all the cool stuff and they love helping people find gifts for every occasion. They pride themselves on providing a personal one on one service. They love what they sell, and it shows. Take a look at all the cool stuff they have found.

If you or someone in your family is into Minecraft, Dr Who, Star Wars and other cool stuff, then please have a look around this awesome shop.

Please give a Like to their facebook page too.



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