Sunday, 22 September 2013

What Does A Mum Want When Shopping For Children's Clothes?

When it comes to clothes for her children and making sure that everyone in the family looks presentable and cared for, what does a Mum want?

Well, speaking personally this mum wants clothes that are good value for money. Clothes that are inexpensive, but last at least for the season, hopefully longer. Clothes that are functional and comfortable but look good on.

When it comes to buying clothes I want convenience. I have four children and dragging them all around the clothes shops is not something that appeals much to me.

For busy mums with lots of kids you can’t beat online shopping for children’s clothes.

We all lead such hectic lives. It is nice to relax and do your shopping when the kids are in bed. There are no queues, and you can shop around for a good bargain without using up precious petrol, no waiting in traffic or travel time. Save on leg work too. You can shop when you want to, with a coffee by your side!

Online kid’s clothes store What A Mum Wants is excellent value for money. They have free shipping Australia wide. Some items have free gift wrapping too.

Their extensive range includes baby and kids clothing, skin care, bedding, hospital packs, toys, bath items, gift packs, plus lots more.

They also have a great range of organic products.

You can even shop by outfit, with just a few clicks, if you are strapped for time.

The little boy and little girls clothes are just gorgeous! They are unique and high quality items, that are stylish and funky. And you can get hand-made or hand printed as well as organic clothing.

Their promise is that all items offered will be of high quality, new and forever changing.

What a Mum Wants is one of many lovely little online shops that are definitely worth having a browse around.



  1. Will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I blogged about shopping today too ;-) ... as in how to get away with buying more clothes when hubby thinks you've got plenty!

  3. I love shopping for my kids, I've had to reign it in a little! But, I might check this out... I just won't tell huby ;) Popping in from TUST

  4. I've just had a big spend on clothes for the girls, mainly the big chain stores though, and to be honest, they are cheap but the clothes never last. Either they fall to bits or the kids get them dirty, Izzy is an expert at putting holes in the knees of her pants! Have bookmarked the site so I can have a good look over coffee :)


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