Friday, 29 November 2013

Giving is Good for the Soul - A Mister Minit Giveaway

Giving is good for the soul. It helps you to think outside your own problems and helps you think of another person - their likes, what makes them happy, what they need or what would bring them joy and make them smile.

Being unselfish and generous goes towards making you a good person, deep down on the inside, were it counts. Do you think so as well?

To make another person happy, well it makes you happy too.  To show others that you are thinking about them and appreciate them, even if it is something small, to them it may be huge, and it might make all the difference to them.

Of course it doesn’t need to be something expensive, or even cost you anything at all. A handmade gift, a bunch of flowers, a chocolate cake. Or even your time. An hour spent visiting someone who is not well, or going through a hard time. Some time and effort spent doing some gardening for an elderly person or even just a phone call to let someone know you are thinking of them. It all goes towards making someone else feel good.

Give in the right spirit too. Straight from your heart. Give and don’t expect something back in return. If something comes back to you, then that is lovely to know that they were thinking of you too. But if it doesn’t then be joyful in the knowledge that you made someone else’s day better.

Guess what?

It is time for a...

I have two beautiful gifts from Mister Minit to Giveaway to two readers. Together with a gift voucher for $12.95 to have a complimentary name engraved.

Please just use the Rafflecopter form below. Competition will run for a week so get your entries in nice and quickly.

Entry open to Australian residents only.

I will choose a winner based on skill and originality.

Giveaway will end on Friday the 6 December at 12am.

One entry per person and judge’s decision is final.

To find your nearest Mister Minit store please go to

Have fun giving to the ones that you love.

All the best!



  1. It gives you a natural, drug free high to be able to do something or give something to someone with out the expectation of something in return. If I won, I would actually give them to my sons school teachers because they have been absolutely fantastic with them this year.

  2. When the receivers face lights up with happiness, gratitude or even at times curiosity it radiates onto me!

  3. It's loads of fun to make someone's day. It's warm fuzzies all around actually. They are happy, I am happy & for that brief time, all is right with the world.

  4. For me there is more happiness in gift giving at Christmas because I love picking the presents out for each person so that the gift reflects some of the things that particular person likes in terms of hobbies or munchies. Occasionally I have someone who is just too difficult to buy for and then I give a donation to a charity in their name. I select a charity that I think they would appreciate. For example an animal lover, I'd give a gift to the RSPCA.

    Christmas to me however is more than just gift giving. For friends and family, it is not gifts that they will remember about the Christmas season it is the people they were with and the memories created. In the end it will not matter whether a gift was given or received. There was a time not long ago when I couldn't afford to give gifts and so I would invite family and friends over for a simple afternoon tea and each would bring a plate. I also baby sat for a friend as a gift for Christmas so her and her husband could spend some time alone.

    Spending time with the ones you love is one of the best ways to make Christmas special. Go caroling, visit a nativity at a local church, spend a Saturday baking Christmas gifts as a family. They are guaranteed to remember these things long after they've forgotten the expensive box of chocolates or the seven pairs of underwear they received and the memories will be treasured forever!

  5. It is good for the soul! Giving earns karma points while taking doesn't :) Thanks ! Monique

  6. Its a great time of year especially when you get older and you resign yourself to that its mainly for the kids and your mind goes back to when you were young and got pleasure out of the most simplest things that were your gifts and how I treasure those moments.

  7. It's nice to make others feel happy, especially when you've found something that they really like.

  8. I love the joy it brings to people, the happiness it can spread and the feeling of knowing that someone has a reason to smile...

  9. Giving is the job of the elf, feel good about yourself, giving makes your heart sing, makes you feel like a king.

  10. As much as Christmas is a time of festivities and celebration, I think it's just as important to acknowledge that it's a time of giving. That brings the most joy during this season for me.

  11. I won't say no to a present, however I do get a lot more fun giving to others, I love love trying to find the perfect present, buying it, wrapping and then giving it etc. i love everything about giving except the financial cost, that would be the awesome thing about being rich!


  12. There is so much pride in giving someone else pleasure. Watching someones face light up when they recieve a well thought out gift is the best thing ever. But in the flip side, my kids eagerly await my reaction to their gifts, and they are thrilled when I love their choices, so no matter what, I love their gifts because I love their emotions. Their faces when I hang up the padded coat hangers, use the pot holder, and eat the handpicked lollies are the best thing ever.

  13. Giving is better as it gives us the opportunity to show others how grateful we are to have them in our lives regardless of the situation

  14. Because happiness is not what we have, it is how we see the world. Giving lets us see happiness in others and that makes us happy! A great idea for a small gift!

  15. Having been the recipient of donations after a house fire many years ago, I know and appreciate how amazing it feels to know others - often strangers - care.

    I have worked in a Women's shelter and seen first hand the joy on the faces of both women and children thanks to the kindness of others donating.

    I am a blood donor and feel an amazing sense of achievement and happiness knowing my donation has helped to save a life.

    My children and I donate twice a year to our local children's ward - we have been doing it for years and it wasn't until our 3rd child was born with complications, and has since been re-admitted to hospital twice that we realised how much difference such donations can made (My son is now a healthy, thriving 2 year old).

    So, I guess for me, giving means joy for others and also joy for myself (and my children) knowing we have helped to make someone else's day a bit brighter. There really is no other feeling like it, and it makes the gift of giving the greatest gift of all.

  16. It just suits my personality, I love the feeling of making somebody happy and gift giving is a great way to do this.

  17. It's a Christmas tradition that we do presents up to give to people that are doing it tough at Christmas. And for me it's the look on my daughter's face as she gives the presents away, she is so happy to share.


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