Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Menulog - No. 1 For Online Takeaway {Review}

There are days when you are so busy running here, there, and everywhere, when you finally get home and get to relax, the last thing you feel like doing is cooking and you would love a good takeaway meal but going out again isn’t high on your list. What do you do about dinner?

I was excited to learn of a website called Menulog. Have you heard about this hassle free, online takeaway website? It finds the restaurants in your area that provide home delivery. It was very cool to find three Asian takeaways that I didn’t realise provided home delivery to my address. It makes searching for your favourite restaurant or favourite cuisine or even your favourite dish so very easy and a lot of fun.

Menulog has a huge range of restaurant selections. Over 2000 Australia wide. As well as literally thousands of reviews available. The website is completely mobile thanks to the nifty Menulog app which is available for iPhone or Android.

Ordering a delicious meal is very easy to do, and it is free to use. They do not mark up the restaurant prices in any way, they provide first customer discounts of up to 30%, loyalty discounts such as order 7 times and the eighth time is free, plus many other specials.

You can choose Delivery or Pickup. You can see at a glance what the minimum order for delivery is, the speed they deliver and the promotions and specials they have going at the moment. You get to see the restaurant’s menu and the price list at a glance.

I think it would be great to use when you are on holiday. Just enter your postcode and find a fast and easy way to order takeaway online for your family.

When you just want to relax and enjoy a meal that you didn’t cook yourself, with the added bonus of having it delivered to your door, this all combines to make Menulog number 1 for online takeaway convenience.


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