Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Let's Get Organised For Going Back To School

School is almost back again. Time to think about all those things like schedules, books, pens, clothes, shoes. The list seems endless sometimes, and when you add more children to the equation then it can start getting pretty expensive too.

We are sort of organised this year. I have three school goers. A Year 1 and a Year 4 and a Year 6, going into the new 6/7 arrangement. Scary stuff!

I find that one of the more expensive items that you need and that you want the best quality and value for money that you can afford, is shoes. Do you agree?

I find that if I do buy them the el cheapo $19.00 sneakers from a budget shoe store then they are lucky to last one semester. That is around 10 weeks. Even though money is tight, I end up thinking well I don’t know if that was actually worth it.

Our little ones' growing feet are precious aren’t they? So you don’t mind paying that little bit extra and getting them a good pair of school shoes. But of course when you do buy them a pair that will last and look good, you need to look after them, so that they do last and don’t get all scuffed and aged looking and wear out before their time.

Mister Minit has a very nifty little box of tricks for school shoes. It certainly makes life just that little bit easier, and that is what we Mums and Dads need when it comes to organising the back to school mayhem.

It is called surprisingly enough, the Back To School Kids Shoe Kit from Waproo.

It contains

1 x Liquid Renovating Polish - Black
1 x Instant Shine Sponge – Neutral
1 Pair of Free 90cm Black Shoelaces

You can keep school shoes looking their best for longer. What a great idea?

I was given a free sample box, but I would like one of my readers to have it.

~~~~~ G i v e a w a y ~~~~~

Just leave a comment and let me know why you would like this very cool little kit.

I will then hand it over to my oldest girl, 11 year old Bethany to pick the winner for me.

The competition will run from now until Tuesday 28 January, so that I can get this into an express bag for the winner as quickly as I can.

Please only one comment each.  Australian residents only. Judges decision is final.


Please have a look at the other products that Mister Minit has that can make this time a little bit more organised for the busy year ahead. There is a huge variety of key rings that are great to help distinguish school bags; themed and coloured keys; Instant Sneaker Cleaner; Minit Instant Shine; Stay Fresh Odour Away, and lots of other things. I must pay them a visit myself.

All the best!


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